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American football inspirational film

Japanese football

2022-06-25 20:26American football inspirational film
Summary: " Football " How to say it in Japanese~Football (football)What does Japanese meanトウスススストウウスススス: 1 is the greeting language of football. アメフトのけけだうで
" Football " How to say it in Japanese~
Football (football)
What does Japanese mean
トウスススストウウスススス: 1 is the greeting language of football. アメフトのけけだうですだだそうです. The meaning of "tooth" between two people
Some unknown Japanese words
ラグビーボールラグビビルラグビー: the sport of rugby. ボール: ball. ラグビーボル: a football ball. 4. One: the other answered all the main meanings in the dictionary. In TV dramas, the diversity in Japan is called "the X word". Overseas
Japanese classification: fruits, vegetables, sports
You have to give scores, landlord. You'd better give scores moreAsk for all the commonly used Japanese writing methods and pronunciation, as well as some personal pronouns and adjectives in Japanese thank you
A good sense of humor The starting point of British humor is self abasement. It regards conceit as its great enemy. Its ultimate goal is to be able to laugh at itself, its own shortcomings, failuJapanese footballres, embarrassments and even its own ideals They do not believe in flowery words and boastful words British people love sports. Modern forms of sports are almost all British inventions, such as boxing and rugbyHow to say football in Japanese
The Japanese expression of football: サッカー, its Roman sound is [sakkaa]. Start of the game: キックオフ, the Roman sound is [kikkuohu], in addition to the start of the game, it also means to restart the game. Penalty: ペナルティーキック, RomanJapanese football [penarutikku]. Free kick: フリーキックWhat does Japanese mean by "hold" and "hold"
HoldJapanese footballing is the burden of our colloquial or jargon. トウスススストウウスススス: 1 is the greeting language of football. アメフトのけけだうですだだそうですHelp: what do you mean by 'モルルルモモルルルモモモルルルモモ
The description of the following website is more detailed. It seems that there are still many football terms that haven't been translated in Chinese. There is no Japanese translation. In direct English. Status (No.) プロップ(
How to say sporting goods Japanese footballin Japanese
30。Who has Japanese words for all balls and animals
→ basketball バスケットボン volleyball P IQI バボル → volleyball shtnp IQI ビチバ beach volleyball レー → beach volley handball
Japanese football

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